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FBWL (From Brooklyn With Love) was created by Brooklyn jeweler and designer Hisui Jade. Our brand is thoughtfully created with the wearer's comfort and sense of style in mind.

What Is 14kt Gold Filled Jewelry?

Gold filled historically meant a tube of solid gold that was hollowed out, and filled with a less valuable metal like bronze. 

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

Simply take a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon, and wrap it once around where you would like to wear your ring. Measure the amount of material that went around your finger on a ruler in millimeters. Match up the millimeters and look for your corresponding ring size. It's that easy. 

Why We Create 14kt Gold Filled Jewelry

Why We Create 14kt Gold Filled Jewelry
Mining new gold negatively affects our environment. A single ounce of minded gold can produce 20 tons of solid waste, containing toxins like mercury and cyanide. This can poison drinking water, destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and fisheries, reduce habitat populations in a variety of ecosystems, as well as other detriments to our environment.