What Is 14kt Gold Filled Jewelry?

This will be quick! Gold filled historically meant a tube of solid gold that was hollowed out, and filled with a less valuable metal like bronze. This way, the appearance and durability was that of gold, while the bronze gave the piece its weight and strength. The external gold case allowed the piece to be treated as if it was solid gold. Through the ages, humanity has learned that gold filled jewelry lasts just as long as solid gold jewelry, as long as it is cared for.

Here at FBWL, our gold filled jewelry has a color matching brass core, and a thick layer of recycled 14kt gold which has been applied to said core with extremely high pressure and heat. Thus, creating a beautiful and strong bonded product. This thick layer of gold is not to be confused with gold plating, which is only 1/20 the thickness of the bonded gold layer in gold filled jewelry. Our gold won't rub off. It's not going anywhere. 

With our gold filled jewelry, you get the look, feel, and longevity of solid gold jewelry. It is tarnish resistant, and won't give you an uncomfortable allergic reaction, like green skin, and itchy bumps. This is thick, solid gold pressed against your skin. You can shower and sleep in your jewelry just fine. We just recommend storing your jewelry away from moisture, and ask that you keep it away from harsh chemicals.

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