14kt gold filled hammered hexagonal hoop earrings
silver hexagon hoop earrings on white background with purple confetti and bright yellow petals
silver hexagonal honey cell hoop earrings on white ear card background, with bright yellow flower and dark green leaf
female model wearing thin silver hexagon earring with updo

Hex Hoops | 14kt Gold Filled Hammered Hexagonal Hoop Earrings

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These Modern Hex Hoops measure approximately 2cm wide and long. Each earring is hammered for maximum light reflection. Our Hexagonal Hoop Earrings paved the way for our Mini Glide Hoop Collection. They were designed for everyday wear in mind, and are a simple, delicate, fun, and minimal way of wearing geometric hoops without weighing down your earlobes.

Each pair of Hex Hoops come with two translucent, phthalate-free PVC rubber earring backs.

At FBWL, we have concentrated on creating high quality, tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry since 2012. Our jewelry is always good for you, and good for our environment. These earrings are made with ethical, recycled metal. They won't turn your skin green, or give you an itchy, uncomfortable rash. The only metal pressed against your skin is solid 14kt gold.

Our 14kt gold filled jewelry consists of thick, 14kt gold that was heat and pressure bonded to a brass core. Gold filled jewelry is not to be confused with gold plated jewelry, which can wear down easily. With this pair of earrings, you're getting the weight and feel of solid gold, as well as the shine and longevity for 30 years to a lifetime.


- 2cm x 2cm gold filled hexagonal hoops

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