About Us

From Brooklyn With Love was created by the Brooklyn based jewelry designer, Hisui Jade, in 2012. The goal was to create jewelry that was uniquely yours, and had the integrity of the highest of quality pieces. Since then, the creations with the most contemporary designs have reigned supreme in our fashion conscious world. Clean and simple lines are the epitome of sophisticated fashion, and marries well with any style.  


— About Our Environmentally Friendly Jewelry — 

Our silver is .935 sterling silver, as opposed to traditional .925 sterling silver. This means that our silver has the whiteness and brightness of .999 fine silver, lasts longer between polishes, and is still as strong as traditional sterling silver. .935 sterling silver is considered more valuable because of the greater silver purity.

Our gold and rose gold jewelry are 14kt gold filled. This can give jewelry a lifespan of up to 30 years with average care, and a lifetime with great care. Gold filled jewelry does not tarnish or make skin turn green like gold plated jewelry. Buying gold fill means you're doing a great service to the environment without having to destroy our planet further. With gold filled jewelry, you can get the favored properties of solid gold, like durability, and appearance, without having to mine new gold.

Mining new gold negatively affects our environment. A single ounce of mined gold can produce 20 tons of solid waste, containing toxins like mercury and cyanide. This can poison drinking water, destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and fisheries, reduce habitat populations in a variety of ecosystems, as well as other detriments to our environment.

Here at From Brooklyn With Love, we don’t just create jewelry, we source the correct materials for our guilt free body adornments, so that you never have to worry about where it came from, and who/what may have been irreversibly hurt in the process. Thank you for being on the right side of environmentally conscious fashion. <3


If you have any questions about any specific pieces (discontinued or otherwise), or custom jewelry requests like name/word pieces, send us a quick email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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