Repairs and Exchanges

Jewelry Exchanges

Here at FBWL, we’re constantly striving to accommodate your jewelry needs. We always intend for you to be happy with your beautiful new jewelry. If you would like to exchange your piece for another one of our handmade designs, contact us with your order number within 14 days of when it was delivered to you so we can let you know how to mail your piece in. We’ll let you know when it has arrived to our studio, then we’ll have your new design made, polished, and in the mail back to you within a week.

Ring Size Adjustments / Exchanges

We get it, sometimes you don’t know what size ring or rings your intended recipient wears, or maybe you just didn’t click on the correct size. No worries, we can have your ring adjusted to you or your recipients’ liking at no additional cost to you. Simply email us with your order number within 14 days of when it was delivered, and let us know you’d like to send your ring back for a resizing. We’ll send you shipping instructions, and once it arrives to our studio, we’ll let you know. It will be adjusted or remade, polished, and in the mail out to you within a week of our receipt. 


Sometimes a pendant gets snagged and the chain gets an unsightly stretch, or it snaps completely. Maybe you dropped your ring, didn’t notice, and accidentally stepped on it. It could just be that you forgot your comfy little ring on, and the stone wedged out while you were rock climbing. Did one side of an earring get misshapen while vacuuming? Things happen! Luckily, we can fix your piece for a small repair fee. This fee also covers polishing, and free shipping back to you! Some pieces are so damaged that they need to be remade with all new materials. In those cases, we just charge half of the current price. For exclusive / older pieces that are no longer a part of our current collection, we charge half the original price. Just contact us! 

  • Ring reshaping: $5
  • Ring repairs: $11 - $30
  • Plain and gemstone earring repairs: $7 - $37
  • Necklace and bracelet repairs: $19 - $70
  • Earring match: 50% original cost of pair

Generally, if you’re not missing a stone, and you send the loose stone in with your piece, your cost will fall around the mid to lower end of these ranges.

Earring Match 

Lost an earring? You’re in the right hands! Simply let us know that you’d like an earring match. We’ll send you return instructions and our address for you to send in your orphaned earring. Once it arrives to our studio, we’ll let you know. It’ll be matched, cleaned, polished, and sent back to you as a whole pair again within a week!

Return + Refund

We don’t like being hassled, so we’ll never hassle you! We honor returns up to two weeks! Email us within 14 days of receipt with your order number, and we’ll send you return instructions. Please make sure to return your jewelry in its original, unworn condition, with all of its packaging materials. Each piece of jewelry is photographed before leaving our studio for comparison during returns. Once your jewelry returns to our studio, it will be assessed for any damage and wear, and we’ll notify you if there is any loss in value before issuing your refund. 


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