Anxiety Ring 1.0 | 14kt Gold Filled Smooth Sliding Bead Fidget Ring

Anxiety Ring 1.0 | 14kt Gold Filled Smooth Sliding Bead Fidget Ring

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Meet FBWL's Anxiety Ring. This is our staple fidget piece! A single, 3mm geometric cube with softened edges slides along a thin, .8mm gold filled band. A couple of us right handed people here at FBWL's studio love to wear one or two of these rings at a time. Specifically on our left index or left middle finger. In those positions, we think they're in the perfect place for inconspicuous fidgeting! Perfect for work, social settings, or just sitting traffic! Outside of functionality, this ring makes a simple, beautiful addition to any jewelry box. It's gorgeous in its simplicity when worn alone, or stacked with other thin rings, like our Stella and Void gemstone rings. 

At FBWL, we have concentrated on creating high quality, tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry since 2012. Our jewelry is always good for you, and good for our environment. This ring is made with recycled metal. It won't turn your skin green, or give you an itchy, uncomfortable rash. The only metal pressed against your skin is solid 14kt gold.

Our 14kt gold filled jewelry consists of thick, 14kt gold that was heat and pressure bonded to a brass core. Gold filled jewelry is not to be confused with gold plated jewelry, which can wear down easily. With this gold filled ring, you're getting the weight and feel of solid gold, as well as the shine and longevity for 30 years to a lifetime.


-0.8mm stacking band
-14kt gold filled


-3mm round-squared bead

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